Wedding Band Inspiration Gallery

Find your perfect expression of love in this gallery of wedding bands available in our store!

Metal type, color, and some stone aspects can all be altered to suit your preferences. 

Price depends on alterations, finger size, diamond qualities, etc.

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Shared Prong

Diamonds Share Prongs with Neighboring Stones

Classic Prong

Diamond Bands with Prongs for Each Individual Stone

Channel Set

Diamonds set in a "Channel" - Shown with Round and Princess Cuts

Bar Set

Metal Bars are Used to Securely Set the Stones

Bezel Set

Bands Featuring Stones Set in Bezels


No Stones on the Band of the Ring

Fancy Cuts & Patterns

Bands Featuring Elaborate Patterns and Fancy Cut Diamonds

Other Styles

Assorted Setting Style Options for Inspiration


Bands with a Geometric "V" Shape Appearance


Bands Visible on Both Sides of your Engagement Ring

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