Disclosure Notice

Traditionally, gemstones have been treated or enhanced by a variety of techniques to enhance color and to generally improve their appearance.  Typically, rubies and sapphires have been heat treated and emeralds have been enhanced with oils or resin to improve clarity.  These and other techniques, such as dyeing, irradiation, coating and impregnation, may be used on other gemstones.

Although it is widely believed that heat treatments are permanent, purchasers should assume that any treatment or enhancement may not be permanent in nature and that over time special care of the stone may be required.  Prospective purchasers are reminded that, unless specifically stated that a stone is natural, we assume that some form of treatment or enhancement may have been used and that such treatment may not be permanent.

New forms of treatments and enhancements and new scientific methods to discern them are constantly being developed. Consequently, there may be a lack of consensus among laboratories as to whether gemstones have been treated and/or enhanced, the extent of the treatment or the permanence of the treatment.

The issue of responsibility of disclosure is continuously being debated within the industry.  Arthur Groom & Co. strongly supports full disclosure.  If you have any questions in regards to treatments or enhancements of gemstones, our sales consultants can address any concerns you may have.