If you can dream it, we can create it.

We combine your vision with our expertise to create magnificent pieces.

Designed by you, for you.

The Design Process


Whether you want to redesign a piece you have, or design a piece from the start, meet with one of our designers to plan out your vision. Request a consultation in person or online to create your custom piece.

Computer Design

Using the newest technology, our craftsmen create CAD renderings of your design, allowing you to see your vision on a screen. This permits you to visually see differences in stone shapes or sizes, metal colors, etc..

Wax Molding

Once you are satisfied with your CAD rendering, our craftsmen use a 3D printer to create a wax model of your design upon request. You can try on the wax model, and suggest any tweaks or adjustments before production of the piece begins.


Our jewelers craft your design into a wearable piece of jewelry.  This stage involves combining all pieces, setting gemstones, adding filigree, finishing prong work and any other customization involved. We clean the piece, add any engraving, polish, and prepare your piece to be in your hands.  


Saw a style that inspired you?

Let us custom make it to meet your desires and fulfill your vision.

Select from an array of loose stones available in our store.

Using exact stone dimensions, we will produce computer aided designs that incorporate your desired modifications.

A true-to-size wax mold is created for you before production of the piece begins.


Turn a piece you no longer wear into something you won't want to take off.

Our jeweler will remove your gemstones from their setting.

The empty mounting may then be traded in and applied towards your purchase.

The loose stones are then measured exactly, to ensure the new mounting is manufactured accordingly.

To ensure your satisfaction with the new piece, a computer aided design is created prior to production.


Do you love your piece, but the mounting is no longer suitable for wear?

Preserve the priceless memories of your beloved piece by remounting your stones in a exact replica.

We carefully remove stones and polish them to perfection in order to remove chips and abrasions.

This restores the stones to maximum brilliance.

We will create a new mounting that replicates your beloved piece, and is suitable for daily wear.


Precisely reproduced your favorite pieces with a replica.

Computer aided designs of your piece are generated, showing all angles.

Ensure accuracy and quality with true-to-size wax mold before production.

Our Previous Work

Get inspired and discover the ideal look that reflects your unique personality.

Take a look at these beautiful pieces previously made by our expert craftsman!