Eternity Natural Emerald

Eternity Natural Emerald™, a division of Arthur Groom & Co., is a world leader in Emeralds. From mining to cutting and finishing of this rare gem, we provide the finest quality loose natural emeralds and emerald jewelry collections.

Our jewelry collections feature emeralds in a range of qualities, set in platinum, 14k, or 18k white and yellow gold. Because we are able to offer you a range of quality grades, shapes and sizes in our emeralds and other colored gemstones, you are able to custom design jewelry by choosing a loose gemstone and a setting. Our on-site jeweler will handcraft this custom piece of jewelry for a truly magnificent and personalized style all your own.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Eternity Natural Emerald is the only emerald backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. Because of our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee, Eternity Natural Emeralds are the only Emeralds that can be purchased with complete confidence and lasting beauty due to the stability of their enhancement.